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Post a comment on the “In need of help?” above and I will get back to you with what things you can do to improve as a brewmaster.

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Throne of Thunder – Brewmaster version

After some thinking I have decided that there is no point in me doing a guide to the bosses that describes all the abilitys and how the raid should position themself and such. There is allready alot of such guides, this is going to be a guide on the little things you can do as an Brewmaster to push your self on each boss. Therefore I am not going to explain the tactics or what an ability do, I expect you to allready know this….

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LF a tank!

So as things happen my guild needs to find a new tank within a month because our other tank have decided to stop playing. So if anyone of you readers are looking for a guild or knows a good tank that wants a guild that raid 2 nights a week for a total of 6 hours per week, while mainting high progress(currently at 11/12).
Wednesday: 20:30-23:30
Sunday: 20:30-23:30
feel free to make an app on .

We are on eu Stormrage alliance side, if have question feel free to ask them to me here or ingame.
/Zambal Main tank of Avalerion

5.2 quick and dirty for the 6 first bosses

I will do some more proper guides during the weeks to come, especially on the harder ones and hopefully with some video from our actually fight if I manage to do that correctly! But for now I will write down what I noticed from the fight and what we did to down it. This is not a detail guide of the fights but rather a quick n dirty tips from the live fight.

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5.2 tips and tricks ptr version(semi spoilers)

All the information below and assumptions are based on video footage from the ptr and the boss abilitys that can be found here. Nothing is based upon live raiding, this is purly things I am going to try when 5.2 hit the live servers some might work some might not work, some abilitys will be changed before the patch it.

Oh and yeah some semi spoilers might be here…

If you spot anything that seems wrong or other ideas that should be good for a brewmaster tank, please post them and I will edit the post.

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