Maximizing your performance

Your responsibility as a tank can be categorized into three main categories:
1. Surviving
2. Protecting your team
3. Dealing damage

All the tanking guides I have read cover #1 and most cover #2 in one way or another, but almost none of them touches the subject of dealing damage no matter what class they are for. And not only do they not mention it, often. When someone ask a question on how to increase their dps they are met with things like this “fool, you should focus on surviving and let the dps worry about enrage” or “if dps is an issue then you should switch guilds because your current dps sucks”. While this may have been truer back in the days when we were raiding 40/25 man raids and the tanks did shit dps but the fact is that now days tank do more dps than before. Druid and monks want the same gear as their dps counterpart, paladin prefer haste(changing a bit with 5.2) over mitigation, dk and warriors still want their dodge/parry/mastery. But all the tanking classes today want hit and expertise the number one dps increasing stats, they of course want this because they want their damage mitigation ability‚Äôs to hit but as a side effect they do more damage.

In raiding today a tank (without sacrificing survival) can do insane dps(depending on the fight) they can do the same amount of dps as a dps.

The monk is the tank(me)

Tanks tanks, everywhere tanks

And as you can see we tanks have the potential to do deal great damage if we put the effort in to maximize our performance on a fight. Because if you had a dps on your team who did half the damage as the rest of the dps I am sure you would expect that person to step it up and increase their performance. Therefore I think that you shouldn’t only evaluate what you can do to take less damage but also what can you do to deal more damage and thereby maximizing your performance.

While this post is meant to motivate why you should care about your dps as a tank I am planning a series of post with some more real numbers in them and to show how you can deal more damage. While all the post will be with examples from a brewmaster, the tools I use to evaluate and increase my performance is the same for all tanking classes(in truth it does work for dps to)

/Zambal, Avalerion Stomrage


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