How to maximize performance: Brewmaster dps

1. Keg smash on CD
2. Expel harm if at 70 or higher energy
3. Jab if at 70 or higher energy
4. Chi wave
5. Blackout kick
6. Tiger Palm

While this is the maximum single target rotation, using this will of course lead you to take more damage because of not using guard/purifying brew, so this is not something you are supposed to use on a daily basis. However there are situation where you can use it, times of low damage and when healers have nothing to do. The most important bit of information you should take with you that will increase your damage while not sacrificing any survivability is to not use jab/expel harm before you reach at least 70 energy. The reason for this is that you want to be able to hit keg smash the second it comes of cooldown, this will also result in some “downtime” where you are supposed to spam tiger palm since it is a lot more damage than jab and it will be a really good damage increase to spam it every free time you have. I usually got around 14 tiger palm per minute so make sure you have it key bind to somewhere good.

Now don’t confuse the fact that tiger palm does more damage than jab with me saying that you should cap energy, you always want maximum chi generation to be able to use it on mitigation. But waiting until 70 energy before you use jab is a chi increase because you will always be able to use keg smash on cd if you do this and to fill the free time you use tiger palm and do a lot more damage than normally without losing any chi/mitigation or anything.

Beside your rotation the other big contribution to your damage comes from vengeance this is the biggest reason tanks can do great damage. Therefor getting high amount of vengeance by standing in stuff you shouldn’t is a way to increase damage. Of course you can never allow yourself to die while trying to achieve high vengeance, so therefore good tanks come up with clever ways to increase it while not risk deaths. For example using dampen harm and solo soaking stuff you normally couldn’t, like the Massive attacks on spirit kings since vengeance is calculated from the damage you would take before mitigation and other reductions. Just make sure the rest of the raid knows what you are doing before you do it and make sure you don’t risk deaths to achieve more damage,


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