Why bossmod can be bad for you

I see a lot of kill videos where the person recording got a ton of bossmods timers flowing all over the screen and I have always wondered the purpose for this.

Do people really think they need to keep track of everything a boss does?

Since we all got different roles to fill in a raid tank, dps, healer, interrupter, raid leader and dispeller so it is only naturally that you need to customize what a boss does that you want to keep track off.

Here is an example for you, over Wind Lord Mel’jarak timers:


He got 12 timers to keep track of, so if you don’t change anything you will have 12 timers on your screen and will have a hard way knowing what timers you need to react and do something and what ones you can leave. So lets go over his ability’s and try and classify what role need to keep track of what things.

  • Rain of Blades – AoE damage ability. Healers obviously need to keep track of this, but for heroic mode everyone should really track this to be able to use personal cool downs.
  • Recklessness – Boss do more damage and take more damage. Healers, tanks and dps need some way to track this,
  • Reinforcements – New add spawns. Tank need to see this to be ready to pick them up and healers so they don’t stand in a bad spot when adds start running.
  • Impaling Spear – Throwing cc ability. Those assigned to CC need to see it
  • Amber Prison – A cc ability used by add. Everyone
  • Corrosive Resin – Damage ability. Everyone
  • Residue – Can’t free cc people. Everyone/raid leader
  • Mending – Enemy heal – Interupters
  • Quickening – An enemy damage buff. Healers and tank
  • Kor’thik Strike – An enemy high damage strike. Healers
  • Wind Bomb – A tornado that hurts if you stand in it. Ranged people(healer/dps)

Now looking on all these ability’s the only one I personally as a tank wants a timer for is Rain of Blades, so I am ready with extra cooldows to help my healers.
Reinforcement, to pick up adds fast.
Mending, if I need to interrupt.

Since we cc all the amber trappers on this encounter I don’t need any timer for there abilitys and since I see enemy buffs really easy on my ui I don’t need a timer for it from my dbm either.

So for me I went from 12 timers to 3+1(Berserk) and I have an easy way to know when something is about to happen that I need to react on since I am only using timers for stuff I do need to react on.


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2 thoughts on “Why bossmod can be bad for you

  1. Great advice. This is one of the first things I do for new encounters. The default timers are just overwhelming and can make it much more difficult to see the timer that’s critical for you.

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