World of Logs

With world of logs(WoL) you can find out alot about how you are doing on a perticular fight. The problem with evaluating WoL as a tank is that alot of the stuff is depending on the tactic and what specific encounter you are working on, maybe you can’t use keg smash on cooldown or you are saving Guard for a special ability that are used every 45 seconds… There are however some general things you can find out, and some tools you can learn to use.

All of the things I will be showing in this post is done after I have choosen my character under the “Players” tab in World of logs.

Keg Smash
To find out how often you used Keg Smash on an encounter convert the time for the log into seconds (marked as 1 in the picture), then click on Buff casts (marked as 2) and divide the number next to keg smash with two(marked as 3), then use that number to divide the time. For me this would be, 461 seconds, 104/2=52 Keg Smash and the end result is 461/52=8.8 seconds.

The result is on avaerage how long time did it go between each Keg smash, anything between 8-9 is dam good, 9-9.5 is ok, over 9.5 less so and anything over 10 and you are doing something very wrong.

Tiger Power(Tiger Palm)
On the same tab(Buffs cast) you can find out your Tiger power uptime(marked as 1) this should be ~100% uptime, for me on this try I had 97,2% uptime. If you click on the # to the right of the uptime you get the uptime plotted at a timeline, this is very useful for example to see when a buff/debuff was applied or fell of.

On the same tab(Buffs cast) you can find out your Shuffle uptime(marked as 2) this should be ~100% uptime, for me on this try I had 96,7% uptime. You can of course also click the # next to the uptime to plot it just as Tiger Power.

Divide the time of the log with the numbers of guard cast(marked as 3), for me it is 461/13=35 seconds. This is on average how long time it went between each guard, depending on tactics and fight you might be saving guard for different abilitys but on some fights you want it more or less on cooldown and for that it can be good to see how often you use it.

Heavy stagger
To see how long do you leave a heavy stagger on your self you can click the # to the right of uptime on heavy stagger(marked as 4).

Expel Harm
Go to healing by spell(marked as 1), and then check the line with Expel harm(marked as 2) to the right you have overhealing, always strive to keep this as low as possible. And as you can see on this attempt I have a 61% overhealing which is kinda high.

Gift of the the ox
On the same place you can see how many gift of the ox you picked up if you check the line gift of the ox(marked as 3) and almost to the middle you have “Direct Heals” for me on this atempt I picked up 30, always try to pick up as many as possible.

Chi Wave(5.2)
Go to Expression editor(marked as 1 and 2 in the picture)
and type
spell="Chi Wave" and type=TYPE_CAST
in the Query(marked as 1) then click Run(marked as 2) and then you get the result(marked as 3) count the number of casts of chi wave, then divide the log time with the number of casts. In 5.2 this should be close to 15 seconds since it is a free heal/dps.

Elusive Brew
Go to Expression Editor and type
(spell="Elusive Brew" and type=TYPE_CAST) or (spell="Elusive Brew" and amount=15)
there you can see how long it was between reaching 15 stacks and you casting elusive brew. If you do it on purpose to save elusive brew for a special phase then it of course is ok with a long time between reaching 15 stacks and using them.

Go to expression editor and type
spell="Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger"
then count how many times you used it, it is a 3 minute cooldown and should be used as often as possible unless you save it for a burn phase.

If you click on the tab “Buff gained” you see all the buffs/debuffs you have had during the fight, not only those you have cast. These works the same way as your buffs, meaning if you click on the # next to the uptime you get it plotted against time. This can be a nice way to see how you have spread the buffs out during a fight and during special period of the fight that demands more.wol6

To see if cd up for importent period

To see if important cooldown are up for some special cast the boss does you can use this list of cooldown seach I have.
Spell="Fortifying Brew" or spell="Diffuse Magic" or spell="Dampen Harm" or spell="Hand of Sacrifice" or spell="Ironbark" or spell="Guardian Spirit" or spell="Pain Suppression" or spell="Rallying cry" or spell="THE NAME OF THE BOSS SPELL YOU WANT TO TRACK"

Read more
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Feel free to leave your own tips of how you use WoL to evaluate your preformance!


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