5.2 tips and tricks ptr version(semi spoilers)

All the information below and assumptions are based on video footage from the ptr and the boss abilitys that can be found here. Nothing is based upon live raiding, this is purly things I am going to try when 5.2 hit the live servers some might work some might not work, some abilitys will be changed before the patch it.

Oh and yeah some semi spoilers might be here…

If you spot anything that seems wrong or other ideas that should be good for a brewmaster tank, please post them and I will edit the post.

All the beatiful pictures comes from this blue post so I take no credit for them.

Jin’rokh the Breaker
All the raid damage on this fight seem to be magic, so because of this it might be worth glyphing guard, there is however no special tank magic damage so the self guard will hardly be used. For talents I will be using Dampen harm because of the low magic tank damage.


Phase 1 of this fight is more or less all about the adds, and adds usualy means stuns and interupts so make sure to drag
Clash(to stun adds), Leg sweep(to stun adds), Spear Hand Strike, Grapple weapon(damage reduction) out on you action bar. Also dont forget your two new spells, Ring of Peace(to silence adds) and Nimble Brew to clear the stun some adds apply.

Note you can only use either Ring of Peace or Leg sweep not both

Take not if you use Xuen it will taunt the adds and some of them cleave…

Other than that it seems pretty straightforward with heavy melee damage, so Dampen harm will be my choice.

Council of elders
council of elders
Once again this is a heavy magic damage fight so glyphing guard will most likly be very good on this fight, along with Diffuse magic. Other than that, use Spear Hand Strike on the casting bosses, and if Ring of Peace works(doubt it) of course use that aswell. It should be possible to use Nimble Brew to mitigate a stun from Frigid Assault. so it is possible to solo tank him for longer then needed incase of a tank death.


Not much to say about this encounter, Leg sweep and Clash might be usable on the bats that spawns but other than that there is nothing special and of course Dampen harm also use guard + CD for Snapping Bite. Should be able to 1 tank it with tricks on the bats and good cd usage.

Magic damage, magic damage, magic damage. Did I mention it is magic damage? All heads got a breath they use on the tank and all the heavy aoe magic damage they use therefore use Diffuse magic and Glyph guard on this fight.


Make sure to use cooldown on Talon Rake, might be good to use Zen Medition and Diffuse magic to soak up Feed pools to gain extra damage.

Durumu the Forgotten
durumu the forgotten

Arterial Cut is a bleed dot that he(?) applies on the tank so Stoneform to remove it if you are a dwarf, also make sure to use Stoneskin glyph. He also got a dance phase where you have to avoid stuff on the ground, make sure to use Zen Medition and Diffuse magic while standing in the purple thing to gain extra damage from vengeance.


Time cd for Primordial Strike and spells like dampen harm will be good to mitigate it. As a tank this is a heavy aoe fight so rushing wind might be good to use on all the adds.

Dark Animus
dark animus

Make sure to use a cd for Explosive slam specially once you get stacks from that debuff. You can also avoid all of the Anima Ring with Transcendence, so make sure to use it. Diffuse magic might be worth it for Explosive slam and Interrupting Jolt.

Iron Qon
iron qon

He will stack a bleed debuff on the tank called Impale you can remove it with Stoneform and Hand of Protection this way you can solo tank this. Also Stoneskin glyph and Dampen harm will be very useful on this fight. Make sure to use Transcendence to help avoid the tornado phase(if you got a group up spot near the entrance)

Twin Consorts
twin consorts

Make sure to use cd during beast of nightmare so no healing is needed, don’t use expel harm during it either! Diffuse magic and Glyph guard will most likely be used because of the heavy aoe damage that is going on in this fight. Also make sure to tank them apart in the last phase so they dont heal.

Lei Shen
lei shen

P1 It should be possible to avoid Decapitate with Transcendence(unsure about this) else soaking one with Diffuse magic to up the damage should be an idea. Once again a heavy magic damage fight, so Glyph guard might be a good idea.
P2 Fusion Slash seems to drop off without a tank switch on the ptr, however Diffuse magic to survive it should work along with Transcendence and Zen Medition if it stacks and you are solo tank or just soaking damage.
P3 Overwhelming Power seem to be the tank switch debuff.

If you spot anything that seems wrong or other ideas that should be good for a brewmaster tank, please post them and I will edit the post.


One thought on “5.2 tips and tricks ptr version(semi spoilers)

  1. Horridon – the secondary boss after all the troll tribes are done with can be disarmed. The individual trolls cannot be silenced. Ring of Peace is best, imo. When you’re tanking adds, use it. When your OT is on them, cast ROP on him. You basically can double dip it, whereas leg sweep isn’t useful half the fight.

    Xuen is useful if you’re having trouble getting down the adds. You can use him everytime you’re on a group (about two minutes between 2 groups if the OT is tanking every other one). If not, I prefer RJW.

    Also, glyphing Leer of the Ox might be helpful. Every tribe has a point with two large adds drop at the same time. Getting one with your statue and one on you is very helpful in keeping them off squishies.

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