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Post a comment on the “In need of help?” above and I will get back to you with what things you can do to improve as a brewmaster.

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Throne of Thunder – Brewmaster version

After some thinking I have decided that there is no point in me doing a guide to the bosses that describes all the abilitys and how the raid should position themself and such. There is allready alot of such guides, this is going to be a guide on the little things you can do as an Brewmaster to push your self on each boss. Therefore I am not going to explain the tactics or what an ability do, I expect you to allready know this….

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LF a tank!

So as things happen my guild needs to find a new tank within a month because our other tank have decided to stop playing. So if anyone of you readers are looking for a guild or knows a good tank that wants a guild that raid 2 nights a week for a total of 6 hours per week, while mainting high progress(currently at 11/12).
Wednesday: 20:30-23:30
Sunday: 20:30-23:30
feel free to make an app on .

We are on eu Stormrage alliance side, if have question feel free to ask them to me here or ingame.
/Zambal Main tank of Avalerion

5.2 quick and dirty for the 6 first bosses

I will do some more proper guides during the weeks to come, especially on the harder ones and hopefully with some video from our actually fight if I manage to do that correctly! But for now I will write down what I noticed from the fight and what we did to down it. This is not a detail guide of the fights but rather a quick n dirty tips from the live fight.

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