5.2 quick and dirty for the 6 first bosses

I will do some more proper guides during the weeks to come, especially on the harder ones and hopefully with some video from our actually fight if I manage to do that correctly! But for now I will write down what I noticed from the fight and what we did to down it. This is not a detail guide of the fights but rather a quick n dirty tips from the live fight.

Jin’rokh the Breaker
This boss is not that hard, especially as a tank, what you do is grab the boss in the middle and chain cooldowns when you get the debuff. Tank switch after each time the boss throws the other tank into an statue. And above all, never ever ever stand in the water as a tank(you will wipe the raid. For a tank this is really a normal Tank’n’Spank fight where you don’t get to do anything fancy. Save Chi Burst and use it during the aoe to help the healers.

I will only tickle you!

While this fight might look complicated at the start, it is really the same thing happening four times then you kill the boss…

Adds spawning pattern
So all the doors spawn adds in the same pattern, continuously you will have some small adds spawning untill you close the door. After awhile you get your first big add that spawn abit out from the door. Around 20 seconds after that add you will have two big adds spawning at the same time, one to the right and one to the left of the door and around 10 seconds after that the dinomancer spawns.

The fight
As a brewmaster, always save xuen for when the two big adds spawn and also this is the time to use ring of peace and then grapple weapon to help lower the damage. If there is caster mobs interrupt should be used on cooldown. Also don’t be afraid to use Fortifying Brew on either the second or third door when the big adds spawn to help with the damage output. The most important spell on this fight is Detox, spam it on cooldownd on second and third gate your healers will whorship the ground you stand on if you do.

Tank the boss with the side towards the active door and as far out as you can, this is to leave the rest of the raid with room to stand in and tank switch after each door. Dampen harm is great while on the boss, also if you got Hand of protection you can use it to reset the stacks aswell.

When you are done with the four doors it becomes a Tank’n’Spank fight switch to War-God Jalak when he spawns and kill him then chain cooldowns on Horridon when he enrages. 

Council of elders
frigid assault
The only hard hitting ability…

When frost king gain Frigid Assault(he does so once a minute) pop a cooldown and make sure you got Elusive brew up to lower the stacks you get, if your co tank is tanking frost king be ready taunt at 10 stacks. Interrupt your caster boss on cooldown to lower the damage for the raid. 

If you don’t have anyone who can slow in the raid toss dizzing haze on the adds that spawn from the priest to keep them slowed aswell as stunning them with leg sweep/clash.

If you are tanking Living Sand make sure to get tricks and have the healer with highest threath to stand close when they are about to spawn and be ready to use your high aoe spells. When they are about to die use leg sweep  and be ready to roll out of the quicksand when they die.

This is a very good fight for monks no matter if you tank the bats or the boss.

If on boss
Use Elusive Brew for each bite and then keep circeling fortifying brew/dampen harm/guard for the bite and quakes. That way you will take extremely little damage. Also make sure to use leg sweep on the bats(they should be tanked close to the boss) and be carefull not to grab agro on them. Also make sure to use Dizzing Haze on the turtles to help range/melee avoid them.

If on Bats
tortos dmg
Insane tank damage…

Make sure to get a high shuffle on the boss before the bats spawn, then be ready to grab the bats after each Quake, when you see them pop guard self to help with the damage while moving and grab agro and move them towards the boss. Once there pop elusive brew and do the Keg Smash, Rushing wind, Spinning Crane Kick combo to do some insane damage. Use leg sweep when elusive brew runs out or quake is incoming, this way the bats should die really fast, use Fortifying Brew when needed(if you take extra damage from something). Make sure to use Dizzying Haze on the turtles to help out.

megaera cd
cooldowns baby!

As a tank this fight is all about cooldown management, the heads will breath every 15 seconds, however when one head dies you will have in average 40 seconds without a breath due to rampage and the fact that the heads don’t emitetly cast breath after rampage.

To survive this fight you will use a glyphed guard on the every other breath to survive the rest of the breaths you will need to alternate between Diffuse magic, Zen mediation and Fortifying Brew(use this right before second breath of fire to help mitigate the dot damage aswell). If these cooldown is not enough you need to be ready to ask for external cooldown and as last option be ready to use healtstone/expel harm/potion of mountains to mitigate the damage.

Make sure to save expel harm to either heal your self after a breath or right before a breath in case a poison bolt have taken you low. Also notice that when you tank switch the heads will cast a high nuke on you until the other tank reaches your head so if at low health when tank switching, make sure to use something to get more health(health potion/expel harm/healthstone)


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