Throne of Thunder – Brewmaster version

After some thinking I have decided that there is no point in me doing a guide to the bosses that describes all the abilitys and how the raid should position themself and such. There is allready alot of such guides, this is going to be a guide on the little things you can do as an Brewmaster to push your self on each boss. Therefore I am not going to explain the tactics or what an ability do, I expect you to allready know this….


This is the standard talents I use, whenever I use something else for a boss I will write what talent I have changed.

Talent changes:
Ring of Peace

Use Ring of Peace when the two big adds spawns(on your co tank aswell), then just keep circling interrupts, Grapple weapon and cd. Pretty straightforward tbh.

tortos dam
I will be Spinning Spinning Spinning…

Talent changes:
Zen Sphere, Rushing Jade Wind, Charing Ox Wave, also glyph Spinning Crane Kick

Keep Zen Sphere up on self and the bats usually come for you, the damage from the explotion is also pretty high. Other then that do the Keg Smash, Breath of Fire, Rushing Jade Wind, Spinning Crane Kick while I got Elusive Brew up rutin and then collect loot(use Charing Ox Wave once you got the bats in position).

megaera cd
Talent Changes:
Diffuse Magic and glyph Guard

Use Guard, every other breath and use Diffuse Magic, Zen Medition and Forifying Brew for the rest but make sure to use Fortifying Brew when tanking the fire head to help with the debuff.

Pro tip
If your healers have problem with rampage use Zen Sphere and time detonation to when you are grouped up. Also take Chi Torpedo and Celerityand use it during group up, you will be healing alot.

The only danger to you is Talon Strike, to counter this, use Guard on everyone of them and follow up with Dampen Harm, Fortifying Brew for the second stack. You can also use Zen Medition to completly soak up the second hit. Make sure to use elusibe Brew on high stacks of Inficted Talons so it resets.

Pro tips
Use Zen Medition to soak up pools, this will help the raid to have more room to stand in and also up your damage through vengeance(make sure to stand in as many pools at the same time as you can(my record is 5…). The same goes for Diffuse Magic, however do not use this unless you have enough other cd to soak talon strike.

arterial cut

Talent changes:
Glyph of Stoneskin(reduce bleed damage)

Hard stare and the bleed it leaves behind is the only hard bit as a tank and you will switch every 5 stacks, therefore use this rotation to mitigate it
1. Guard
2. Dampen Harm
3. Fortifying Brew
4. Guard
5. Zen Medition

The best time to use elusive brew is after each stare. If you are a dwarf use stoneform after one stare to remove the debuff.

Pro tips
Same as ji-kun use Zen Medition and Diffuse Magic to stand in the maze this can only be used if you got it on farm or got other cd to fill up the 5 stacks you have to take.

Talent changes:
Rushing Jade Wind and glyph of Spinning Crane Kick

Make sure guard or dampen harm is up for each Primordial Strike, use rushing wind on cd to damage the adds. Also Touch of Death works like a charm to kill an add to help you reach 5 stacks in time at the start. Overall a easy encounter.

Dark Animus
Make sure you have one small add infront of you and one behind, that way they dont link at he start. Use Transcendence to avoid the rings if you tank the boss. Tbh this boss was so easy we killed it in two tries so I got no more advice..

Iron qon
Talent changes:
Glyph of Stoneskin

Tank n Spank fight (if you are a dwarf or got a paladin, make sure to solo tank this).

In P2 use zen medition when running from the storm to help with the damage and use Crackling Jade Lightning at the edge of the storm to damage the boss.

In P4 use Zen medition when the boss do Fist Smash

Talent changes:
Diffuse Magic and glyph of Guard

P1 use Fortifying Brew and 15 stacks of Elusive Brew on the add along with being ready to use touch of death to kill it.

P2 guard and diffuse magic to soak Fan of Flames and switch on 2 stacks.

P3 tank Lu´lin(the blue one) and use zen medition during Tidal Force to help the raid.

Lei shen
Talent changes:
Diffuse Magic

Stand close to the boss when you get Decapitation and use Zen Medition to survive, you have to make sure you got some threat reduction after because your co tank wont keep agro(either hand of salvation or glyph or retreat), you can also stand in an Thunderstrike with Diffuse Magic and achieve the same thing. Overall there isn’t much to say about p1.

First transition
If you do it the normal way (you and one more on one platform there isn’t really much to say), if you do it the pro way(solo) and you have problem surviving make sure to use Xuen to tank the first add you let spawn then use Fortifying Brew on the second add.

You can use Zen Medition to soak Fusion Slash if you get more than one stack, or you can use it or Diffuse Magic to stand in Lightning Whip.

Second Transition
(Same as first)

Not much to say about this phase, use roll to get away from Lightning Whip and Thunderstrike if the winds are going on, other than that you can stand in shit with Zen Medition and Diffuse Magic to up your damage if you want to.


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