Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormrage/Zambal/advanced
Guild: http://www.avalerion.eu
WoL: http://worldoflogs.com/guilds/219

About me
So I thought I should write a few lines about who I am so you readers know from what perspective I am writing this blog.

I am an engineer in math and physics currently working as a manager for an LMS (learning management system). I am married since a year back and we got two boys together, 20 months and 4 months old and we live in Stockholm Sweden.

I started playing wow very casually during the middle of BC and raided 3 nights a week first as a warlock and towards the end as a restoration shaman. When wrath came out I switched to restoration druid and cleared Naxxramas but at this point I felt like I wanted more progression for the my time playing so when ulduar came I changed guild for the first time.

My new home became Avalerion on stormrage, a casual hardcore 25 man guild, raiding 4 nights a week. Around 3 weeks with the guild I switched to feral and stayed feral throughout Ulduaar, we managed to clear most on heroic before ToC. When ToC came out I once again switched class and went holy paladin! And right before ICC I became raid leader and officer for Avalerion, during ICC we managed to clear it all except that dam Lich King on heroic, we got Sindragosa down if memory serves at the 10% buff.

This lasted until the middle of tier 11 when I got my first son, at this point I stopped raiding and almost playing all together. At the start of mop I rolled a monk tank and a few months later my second son was born. And then in January this year Avalerion for some different reasons when 10 man guild and stepped down to 2 nights a week raiding while trying to maintain progress. Since I felt this was something that I could commit to I came back as a tank for Avalerion and assistant to the officers.

So 5.2 will be our first whole tier as a 10 man guild raiding 2 nights a week so it will be very exciting to see what we can do with that!

I am still writing my World of log post and it should be done this week. Then the next posts will be about my experience with the new raid and hopefully with some tips on how you can deal with the encounters.


Zambal Monk tank in Avalerion


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