World of Logs

With world of logs(WoL) you can find out alot about how you are doing on a perticular fight. The problem with evaluating WoL as a tank is that alot of the stuff is depending on the tactic and what specific encounter you are working on, maybe you can’t use keg smash on cooldown or you are saving Guard for a special ability that are used every 45 seconds… There are however some general things you can find out, and some tools you can learn to use.

All of the things I will be showing in this post is done after I have choosen my character under the “Players” tab in World of logs.

Keg Smash
To find out how often you used Keg Smash on an encounter convert the time for the log into seconds (marked as 1 in the picture), then click on Buff casts (marked as 2) and divide the number next to keg smash with two(marked as 3), then use that number to divide the time. For me this would be, 461 seconds, 104/2=52 Keg Smash and the end result is 461/52=8.8 seconds.

The result is on avaerage how long time did it go between each Keg smash, anything between 8-9 is dam good, 9-9.5 is ok, over 9.5 less so and anything over 10 and you are doing something very wrong.

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To minimizing average damage taken or minimize the spike damage taken.

Most guides out there describe how you should play to minimize your damage taken in reality they should say the average damage taken. The problem with that is most tank deaths today is because spike damage not because of your average damage taken throughout a fight. Just ask your healers what scares them the most, the spikes you take or the constant damage.
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