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Post a comment on the “In need of help?” above and I will get back to you with what things you can do to improve as a brewmaster.

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A short poll!

LF a tank!

So as things happen my guild needs to find a new tank within a month because our other tank have decided to stop playing. So if anyone of you readers are looking for a guild or knows a good tank that wants a guild that raid 2 nights a week for a total of 6 hours per week, while mainting high progress(currently at 11/12).
Wednesday: 20:30-23:30
Sunday: 20:30-23:30
feel free to make an app on .

We are on eu Stormrage alliance side, if have question feel free to ask them to me here or ingame.
/Zambal Main tank of Avalerion


#1, feels good!



So my first #1 rank, yay!

Quick and dirty for the last bosses comming out tonight aswell.


About me

So I thought I should write a few lines about who I am so you readers know from what perspective I am writing this blog.

I am an engineer in math and physics currently working as a manager for an LMS (learning management system). I am married since a year back and we got two boys together, 20 months and 4 months old and we live in Stockholm Sweden.
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Why bossmod can be bad for you

I see a lot of kill videos where the person recording got a ton of bossmods timers flowing all over the screen and I have always wondered the purpose for this.

Do people really think they need to keep track of everything a boss does?
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How to maximize performance: Brewmaster dps

1. Keg smash on CD
2. Expel harm if at 70 or higher energy
3. Jab if at 70 or higher energy
4. Chi wave
5. Blackout kick
6. Tiger Palm
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