5.2 tips and tricks ptr version(semi spoilers)

All the information below and assumptions are based on video footage from the ptr and the boss abilitys that can be found here. Nothing is based upon live raiding, this is purly things I am going to try when 5.2 hit the live servers some might work some might not work, some abilitys will be changed before the patch it.

Oh and yeah some semi spoilers might be here…

If you spot anything that seems wrong or other ideas that should be good for a brewmaster tank, please post them and I will edit the post.

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How to maximize performance: Brewmaster dps

1. Keg smash on CD
2. Expel harm if at 70 or higher energy
3. Jab if at 70 or higher energy
4. Chi wave
5. Blackout kick
6. Tiger Palm
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